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Starting with a violin made especially for Michaela and ending with her first concert, Michaela’s Music House traces the adventures, initial steps, growing confidence and joyous successes of a young child experiencing the magic and thrill of violin-playing for the first time.

Along her journey she will have playmates such as monkeys, cats and fairies and, just as any four-year old’s schedule should include, activities such as driving a race-car, flying an aeroplane, juggling and playing baseball.

Michaelas Music House is a uniquely illustrated music tutor which outlines a new way of learning and teaching the violin. Its author, Gwendolyn Masin is descended from a long line of professional musicians from Central and Eastern Europe. Born in Amsterdam, she began her musical education at the age of three when, inspired by her Hungarian grandmother, she began to play the piano. She took up the violin at the age of five and within her first year of schooling, gave her debut performance in the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest.

Ever since, Gwendolyn has performed extensively both as a solo violinist and chamber musician to international critical acclaim.

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