Rhea Matter, Calligrapher

Rhea Matter is a climber, a mountain guide, a teacher, a musician and someone who turns ordinary objects into extraordinary designs.

When Gwendolyn first walked into Rhea's home in Berne, she noticed that most surfaces had been recast or had been completely remodelled and built from scratch, light fixtures and bed included. Shower nozzles served as lamp shades, railway tracks as candelabra, oversized springs as towel hooks, x-ray light boxes as tables.

When sending postcards whilst on holiday, Rhea tailors each card, spending time on the formation of each letter of the message she writes. It was one such postcard that prompted Gwendolyn to realise that "Michaela's Music House" would not be complete without the wonderful calligraphy that accompanies the illustrations throughout the book.

Michaelas Music House