Martin Möll, Photographer

Gwendolyn did not so much meet Martin Möll as she did his camera. In 2004, whilst preparing for the premiere of a new composition, Martin silently made his way into the hall and began to photograph the violinist as she played.

Michaelas Music House

Hearing a soft clicking sound that she could not claim to be a product of her bow stroke, Gwendolyn saw an outstretched hand, and, as Martin moved into the light, a smile forming around his words of introduction.

From that day on, celebrated Swiss photographer and violinist have collaborated on various projects, including their shared enterprise of documenting the young musicians portrayed in the book, all of whom have a shared history with the author.

The time taken for the photo shoots with the students totalled five days, spread over two countries. Of these days, a catalogue of more than 800 images exists; choosing the final hundred-odd photos for "Michaela's Music House" took more than two months to complete.

As with any great photographer, Martin Möll possesses infinite patience, a keen sense for the fleeting, transient moment in which to press the shutter, and the ability to perfectly develop that fraction of a second his camera has caught.