"During 24 Lessons the Teacher notates Michaela's adventures in the form of a diary.

The diary is made up of stories, games, and exercises, such as those shown here.

"The Pilot" is a game used as an aid to help Michaela learn how to hold the violin. This being such a focal point of technique, as natural a position as possible is encouraged so that the player has complete freedom of movement.

In "The Pilot", Michaela receives her flying diploma and thus, for the occasion, her violin becomes an aeroplane. The scroll is transformed into a control panel and the f-holes of the instrument become windows, lookout points for the passengers seated inside. After an exhilarating flight and expert landing, Captain Michaela taxis the aeroplane into its final parking position to the applause of the passengers.

Tierna and Andrej demonstrate the sequence in the video above.

Inner-Ear Training with Isobel

Necessary for the study of any musical instrument, inner-ear training is a central part of the learning experience. In the following video, twelve-year-old Isobel demonstrates an inner-ear training exercise which incorporates simultaneously singing the music, showing the sol-fa notes with hand signs and tapping the rhythm backwards.
It is multitasking taken to a completely new level ...


The Monkeys, The Bow-Hold and The See-Saw with Luke

Three preliminary games and exercises used to establish the bow-hold are demonstrated by Luke in the video below. Luke is eleven years of age.