Quintessentially fun and dynamic, "Michaela's Music House" is the first of its kind and revolutionises the approach to teaching string instruments in general and the violin in particular.

Michaelas Music House

The book appeals not only to a child but also to a parent's wish to assist their child in learning, and to a music teacher's interest in exploring methods based on the experience of a performing artist.

Implementation of the book's exercises and games will lead to increased capacity for understanding new information, a more solid acquisition of the skills involved, and successfully allows students to more quickly achieve meaningful results, not only on their chosen instrument but also in other fields of learning.

By way of the author's understanding of a child's imagination, she draws upon stories and characters that help the young to learn music in an exciting manner. No other tuition book on string-playing exists that features a central, fictitious character whose adventures along her musical journey are portrayed in the manner found within "Michaela's Music House".


Michaelas Music House

The concept of a parent playing such an active role in the learning of an instrument is a groundbreaking step forward in violin teaching, and "Michaela's Music House" does not shy away from addressing the problems parents might face. In this way, the book is a wonderful resource for those who have little background in music.


Michaelas Music House

Teachers of string instruments can find a treasure-trove of new ideas through reading "Michaela's Music House". Apart from being a comprehensive approach in itself, the book can be combined with other methods to enrich and enhance the teaching experience. Furthermore, large parts of the lessons can be adapted for the learning of any string instrument.


"… absolutely alive, imaginative and fascinating."

"This is no ordinary dull old tutor — even those who know nothing about the violin will find themselves drawn in to Michaela's musical journey. The daring and innovation which make violinist Gwendolyn Masin one of the most dynamic and exciting young performers on the Irish and international stages are reflected in her impressive new book which is a modern, fun method. However, nobody should be fooled, it is deadly serious in its aims and intentions."

"Gwendolyn Masin's detailed exposition of teaching methods is remarkable in light of her youth."

"Michaela's Music House made me smile from the very first page to the last."

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