Katy Judge, Design

Fate offered a kind turn when it played the design of "Michaela's Music House" into Katy Judge's hand.

The search for a designer was at the forefront of discussions early on in the development of "Michaela's Music House". Two years after the question first arose, an answer was found that caused all the artists involved to wonder whether there is such a thing as coincidence.

Michaelas Music House

Katy Judge, undoubtedly one of Ireland's most innovative designers, not only saw the book as an exciting challenge but has an understanding of the material that could not have been more poetic she learned to play both the violin and the piano as a child. This knowledge is reflected in the comprehensive approach Katy took. She was faced with the task of pulling all the elements of the book together, which she set to with aplomb.

Michaelas Music House

The nearly daily communication that followed between author and designer as they moved forward to completion of the work was peppered with both music and design references, and when either thought that their perseverance and patience might soon run out, the other inevitably extended it, their eyes ever-present on the goal.

The result is a book that sets new standards when it comes to the presentation of music-based literature and to the relevance of such material in current times.